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Nasal Obstruction Surgery
in Beverly Hills

Elevate your quality of life with nasal obstruction surgery, a definitive solution for chronic nasal blockages.

Nasal Obstruction Surgery

What is Nasal Obstruction Surgery?

Nasal Obstruction Surgery encompasses a range of procedures designed to address and rectify the structural causes of nasal blockages, enhancing airflow and breathing quality. Whether due to a deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, or nasal polyps, this surgery aims to provide lasting relief from nasal congestion and associated symptoms, improving your ability to breathe freely and enjoy life without restriction.

Dr. Nima and his staff were so warm and caring during my time at the surgery center. Each if them took time to answer any questions that I had, which was so appreciated right before surgery! I highly recommend Dr. Nima and his amazing team. He is truly an artist, and you will be in good hands!


Dr. Nima and his team are truly the best of the best! The facility is gorgeous, the staff are incredibly professional and knowledgeable, and the entire experience with whole team has been seamless (shoutout to Jaclyn as the best nurse and Monica/Tracy as well). I can’t recommend Eos Wellness enough, as my experience with them has been a dream.


I had the most seamless "VIP" experience! The surgery center is pristine and beautiful with an amazing view of Beverly Hills and the Hollywood Hills from the actual operating room. I was nervous leading up to my surgery but felt very comfortable once I arrived at the surgery center. Dr. Nima's amazing and caring staff were all extremely attentive. I definitely feel like I received top-notch care in a top-notch facility!


Benefits of Nasal Obstruction Surgery

Are you a candidate for Nasal Obstruction Surgery?

If you're struggling with chronic nasal congestion, snoring, or recurrent sinus infections, Nasal Obstruction Surgery could offer the relief you've been seeking. Contact us today to explore how this procedure can improve your breathing and enhance your life.

The Nasal Obstruction Surgery Process


Initial Consultation

The journey begins with a comprehensive evaluation where Dr. Nima examines your nasal structure, discusses your symptoms, and determines the best surgical approach to address your nasal obstruction.


Customized Surgical Plan

Based on your specific needs, a personalized surgical plan is developed. This plan outlines the techniques that will be used to correct the obstruction, whether it involves correcting a deviated septum, reducing turbinates, or removing polyps.


Surgery and Recovery

The procedure is conducted with the utmost care to ensure comfort and effectiveness. Following surgery, you'll receive detailed aftercare instructions to support a smooth recovery. Dr. Nima and his team will monitor your progress closely, adjusting post-operative care as needed to facilitate optimal healing.


Will nasal obstruction surgery change the shape of my nose?

The primary goal of nasal obstruction surgery is to improve function rather than alter appearance. However, in cases where aesthetic changes are also desired, Dr. Nima can discuss options for combining functional surgery with cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty.

How long does recovery take after nasal obstruction surgery?

Most patients can expect a recovery period of 1-2 weeks for minor procedures, with a gradual return to normal activities. Full healing and the ultimate benefits of the surgery may be realized over a few months as swelling diminishes and the nasal structures heal.

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